Sticker Adhesive

A pressure sensitive adhesive is tacky substance that gets glued/ sticks

J.B Industries is a well reputed sticker adhesive manufacturer in Delhi. The company is trusted sticker adhesive manufacturer in Delhi. We have an excellent record for providing high quality sticker adhesive. We are specialist sticker adhesive manufacturer in Delhi.
A pressure sensitive adhesive is tacky substance that gets glued/ sticks to the surface when light pressure is applied. Our gummy sheets are supplied to sticker industries and packaging industries. They are available in wide variety in terms of size and weights. They are made up of high quality material, durable, tear resistant and thus are easy to use. The brightly colored gummy sheets are also available with us.
We are the leading manufacturers of gummy sheets and thus don’t compromise with quality and offer the best price. Our PSA is used in labels and packaging industries.
We have been offering our clients a wide range of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives in various grades. These are widely used in the products like: stickers, bindis, label stock, self-adhesive BOPP tapes, special and different tapes. We also do the customization of adhesives as per the customers need and specifiication.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive popularly known as PSA is a Vinyl Acetate/Acrylic Copolymer Emulsion which is used in a various application. It is PSA unique features like:

Strong adhesion, smooth and better Peel along with sheer strength is the reasons for its high popularity.

It is the usage of high quality raw materials for the manufacture of these stickers adhesive that we are gaining the popularity among the sellers. Sticker adhesive are sticky on one side and usually with a design on the other. They can be used for decoration, depending on the situation. We are providing these sticker adhesive to our clients at a best range of prices.

Being a renowned Sticker Adhesive manufacturer from India we bring forth a broad collection of Sticker Adhesives in the market. Our Sticker Adhesive range is as per the international market standards and is at the best price. The Sticker Adhesives of J.B industries are in demanded because of the quality and versatile application usage.

Features :

  • High strength adhesion
  • Long lasting
  • Advanced formulation
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Used in various forms
  • Cost-effective

Applications :

  • Used for making Stickers, Bindis, Holograms, Label stock
  • Screen printing industry for gumming
  • Textile industry as ply gum
  • For textile material.

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